The game in which the pictures are expressions - but not what you expect!

Pixpressions is new word game, but one with a twist. Look at the picture and try to work out what expression it's telling you, but the pixpression is a variation on a well-known phrase. You'll need to see how the phrase is altered - one added letter, a different spelling. a different word - if you are to get the answer.

The game is in its early stages of development, but the aim is to produce a website and an app with hundreds of pixpressions to keep you enthralled. In its final form, each question will have three points. If you can guess the answer and type it in correctly, you'll get all the points. If you need some help, each word or phrase (depending on the length of the pixpression) that you request will drop a point.

For the moment, I've put together this simple demo to give you an idea of how it will work. Try it and test your knowledge and your ability to think out of the box. Just type in your answer and check. If you like it, let me know what you think in the guestbook. And don't forget to tell your friends via the share buttons below!

Click here to sample the demo